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Drury Inn & Suites Near the Galleria - Houston, TX
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Local Area Overview

Downtown Aquarium - Going downtown is always fun, and so is going to the aquarium. Coupling the two is sheer urban-aquatic bliss, which is currently the newest and hippest form of bliss. At the Downtown Aquarium you’ll see great downtown features like parking meters and skyscrapers before being instantly transferred into an aquatic wonderland, then back to the parking meters, at which point you’ll wish yourself back in aqua world.

Museum of Fine Arts - Can 1.25 million Americans be wrong? I suppose it’s possible if you’re talking politics, but we’re talking about the 1.25 million people that benefit each year from visiting the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. As a matter of fact, it may be too much for you, with 40,000-showcased works of art from 6 continents.

Trader’s Village - Sometimes a title is all you need. Trader’s village is very much a village of traders. Or, for those who need more of an advertisement-style summary, Trader’s Village is an open-air market on the Texas Gulf Coast where you can shop for bargain collectibles, jewelry, furniture and more!

Kemah Boardwalk - Amusement parks provide good, healthy entertainment at a good, healthy price. And here in the Western World we’re cool with that because we know what we’re getting and we come prepared—with hundreds of dollars. So if you’re into spending money and riding roller coasters, which definitely go hand in hand, you might want to drop by the Boardwalk.

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center - We’ve all sat on the edge of our seats watching the drama of Apollo 13 unfold, admiring not only the courage exemplified through the film, but also Ed Harris’ masculine jaw line and seriously hard expressions as NASA Flight Director, Gene Kranz. But this is the real spot where it all happened, the real Mission Control, and most importantly here is where you’ll find the real Gene Kranz’ of the world.

Moody Gardens - This is a regrettable play on words, but you can honestly be totally moody and still have a great time at Moody Gardens. Here’s the deal—the Moody Garden isn’t just a garden, it’s like totally way more, man! Check out this attractions list—Aquarium, Rainforest and Discovery Pyramids, a golf course, 4D Theatre (is that possible?), IMAX 3D (barely possible) and what they call a Ridefilm (just what it sounds like). Go moody, leave happy.

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