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Drury Inn & Suites Northwest Medical Center - San Antonio, TX
9806 Interstate Hwy 10 West - San Antonio, TX, 78230 - P: 210-561-2510 F: 866-286-2519

Local Area Overview

South Texas Medical Center - Serving patients from across the globe and contributing significantly to worldwide medical, the South Texas Medical Center is located one mile from the Drury Inn & Suites. With over 900 acres, the Medical Center consists of 45 medically related institutions: medical, dental and nursing schools, medical treatment and research, twelve hospitals and five specialty institutions.

San Antonio Zoo - If you want an African wilderness experience without the Malaria shots, passports and mosquito nets, look no further than the San Antonio Zoo’s Africa Live exhibit. Chock-full of lions, crocs and rhinos, Africa Live is just one excellent way to spend your afternoon at the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium.

Sea World - Apparently there is more than one whale named “Shamu” in the Sea World franchise. But don’t let the mass production of this iconic underwater figure diminish your expectations of Sea World. Shamu’s “Believe” show is a spectacular highlight among the marine mammal park’s many excellent aquatic exhibits and activities.

The River Walk - No offense to the Mighty Mississippi, but no American river comes close to the beauty of the San Antonio River. While Huckleberry Finn traveled along the Mississippi to escape Pap, thousands of people stroll along the San Antonio’s River’s serene walkways to escape the worries of the world. Rich vegetation, upscale restaurants, bars and retail stores line the River Walk—Texas’ #1 attraction.

The Alamo - The Alamo isn’t just a 2-star movie starring Billy Bob Thorton. It’s a piece of American history that will always be remembered through the restored original site in downtown San Antonio. Take a tour of the famous mission and experience the many historical artifacts that were left behind.

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