Group Hotel Policies


Group Hotel Policies


To ensure a safe and comfortable stay, all Groups understand and agree to abide by the following Hotel policies:

- There is a maximum number of four (4) occupants per Hotel room and a maximum of six (6) occupants per Hotel suite (not including additional persons that may be accommodated by a rollaway bed, for which special charges will apply)

- Pursuant to federal and local fire codes, only registered guests are permitted to stay at this Hotel

- Hotel amenities such as the use of the fitness center and business center, as well as complimentary breakfast and complimentary 5:30 Kickback® are for registered guests only

- Proof of guest registration (including valid ID) may be required

- The Hotel’s pool and spa are for registered guests only and non-registered guests may not be invited into the pool area

- Before guests can enter the pool area, they must review the hotel's Pool Rules included in their key packet.

- Hotel room doors will not be propped open and must remain shut at all times

- The Hotel may institute a “quiet time” curfew at 10:00 p.m. for Group at Hotel’s discretion

- If the Hotel is unable to fulfill its satisfaction guaranteed policy and is required to discount guest room charges of Hotel guests, who are not members of the Group, due to the behavior and/or conduct of members of the Group, the amount(s) discounted will be the responsibility of Group at Hotel’s discretion

- Hallways are to remain clear and quiet at all times, and the Group will be contacted if complaints of excessive noise and/or misconduct are brought against any member of the Group

- If the aforementioned noise and/or misconduct continues after notification to the Group, Group may be asked to leave the Hotel and will be responsible for the full amount due under the Contract