2023 New Attractions

Top New Attractions of 2023

From riding the world’s steepest log flume to conquering an obstacle course in an authentic military tank, check out our list of thrilling, new experiences in 2023 for your next getaway.

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Photo courtesy of SeaWorld San Antonio

San Antonio, TX

Catapult Falls at SeaWorld San Antonio

Opening this summer, Catapult Falls will feature North America’s only vertical-lift flume coaster that carries riders high above the theme park in preparation for a speedy plunge. The brand-new coaster will feature the world’s steepest drop in a flume ride.

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Photo courtesy of Worlds of Fun

Kansas City, MO

Zambezi Zinger at Worlds of Fun

The new Zambezi Zinger roller coaster transports guests on a thrilling journey above its galvanized steel and wood hybrid frame. Riders will experience breathtaking moments of airtime, banked turns, and quick transitions for fast-paced adventure!

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Photo courtesy of Tank America

Orlando, FL

Tank America

Experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive a real military tank. Take control of an FV433 and conquer a half-mile course full of obstacles, turns, and hills with lots of surprises along the way.  Crush cars as you maneuver through a scrap-car obstacle course.

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Photo and top photo courtesy of Carowinds

Charlotte, NC

Aeronautica Landing at Carowinds

Opening this month, Aeronautica Landing will include five new aviation-themed attractions including Gear Spin, a ginormous propulsion engine-- normally used to propel an aircraft-- outfitted with seats for a thrilling ride. 

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Columbus, OH

Tutankhamun, His Tomb and His Treasures at COSI, Center of Science and Industry

Experience the burial chambers and treasures of King Tut exactly as they were discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter. King Tut ascended to the throne in 1332 BC and over 1,000 items are on display. See the wonders of ancient Egypt and experience the magic of discovery. 

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Photo courtesy of Six Flags Over Georgia

Atlanta, GA

Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia

Coming this summer, the twin tracks on this coaster will cross over and under each other a dozen times during the ride cycle. Aurora LED lighting will transform the roller coaster tracks into a kaleidoscope of lights and colors, creating a multi-sensory ride experience.

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Photo courtesy of Musical Instrument Museum. Flying V - Anonymous Loan; Salpinx – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Ritual Bell – Asian Art Museum of San Francisco; Setar – Boston Symphony Orchestra

Phoenix, AZ

Rediscover Treasures: Legendary Musical Instruments at Musical Instrument Museum

View the world’s most unique musical instruments, including ancient flutes and the first Ukulele to priceless instruments owned and played by musical icons such as Prince, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix. Celebrate the power of music across 6,000 years of history.  

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Photo courtesy of City Museum

St. Louis, MO

Sea Dragon at City Museum

The Sea Dragon, a gondola-type ship weighing 6,000 pounds with a dragon head at each end, arrived at City Museum for a new life after a 25-year run at Santa Monica Pier.

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